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Cleaning finds

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Cleaning finds

Post by hopenscope on Fri Dec 11, 2015 5:30 am

What methods do you all use then? We've all seen the lacquered 'offerings' in the museum cases that just look plasticky and odd! For me it's Gold-just a wash
Silver, the same, but the commoner coins I will 'spit and silver foil' them to read the detail under the black stuff. I don't take too much off though. Bronze/Copper- Hot water till kill off the ground salts then into the Vaseline pot for a week. This will really bring a green patina out. And can revert to it's original condition with another dip in the hot water. Lead-Just wash it, never put any oils or coatings on this type of metal because it will lose it's white patina and just look silvery, poor and MODERN.


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