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beach outing

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beach outing

Post by miss a lot on Tue Sep 30, 2014 6:39 am

6am start saturday morning, tied was right out ,happy day's said me to myself and off I went ......... Not a thing ........ Moved up the beach a bit .........Not a thing . Then a bloke stop for a chat ,asked me what I was up to, told him all the usual stuff. then he started telling me some stuff .....and more stuff ....and more .next thing tied was up round my feet ,not a happy man but did not want to seem ignorant so just smiled and told him that I would have to get on , said bye and walked of , minute later he was back and told me bit of the beach to go to , by this time the tied was right in but what a spot , was pulling out lots of bullet shells, coins and a mortar tail
At about 2feet took some bigging out Thank f@#$% I had a scoop was going to give up but glad I didn't , I know its not gold or silver I found but I love it
.days like this make me happy I got my 4pi

miss a lot

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Re: beach outing

Post by show_me _the _bling on Fri Oct 03, 2014 4:03 am

luv my 4pi one day im ging to keep on dgging when i get a deep target

i tend to stop around 2ft i wonder what ive misssed somtimes lol

show_me _the _bling

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