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Decisions Decisions!!!!!

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Decisions Decisions!!!!!

Post by CornwallDave on Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:00 am

I am getting back into detecting after a gap of 15 years or so. I started detecting in my teens with a TR400 then later a TR1200 and various other machines over the years including Minelab and Garrett and a 5mx. My wife is buying me a detector and I have a budget of around £400. due to our circumstances this cannot be stretched.

I have been looking at the 6mxi and like the way it works. I have gained permission on a 120 acre farm with a 50:50 split of plough and pasture. What I am struggling with is the lack of detailed information on it compared with other brands. I have watched addictedtobleeps videos (these are what sold the machine to me) On other sites I read that the depths it will reach is only about 7 inches on a coin, which to me sounds no better than my old TR400. I know the saying about 95% of finds being in the top 6 inches, but the depth reports are putting me off lol

What is the reality from actual usage in the field?

Sorry for the ramble lol


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Re: Decisions Decisions!!!!!

Post by bazday on Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:38 pm

Hi CornwallDave,
Welcome to the forum. I sympathise with your efforts in trying to find information on the 6 mxi, I had the same problem when I bought mine late last year.
  I had also seen reports claiming it didnt go very deep, but you have to be wary of a lot of the stuff you read on line , many of the authors have hidden agendas. But depth is only part of the story, Ive had low freqency machines that excelled at finding cartwheel pennies at remarkable depths, but were seemingly hopeless at finding hammerd silver at any depth. Over the years Ive found that machines that operate at  12 / 15 Khz have suited me well,  especially with double D coils. so the 6mxi was a move up in freqency but it does use a double D coil.
Its accepted as freqency increases so does the sensitivity to small silver targets, albeit with a small loss of depth, but thats a trade off Id settle for every time.

In the field the 6mxi has been brilliant and any nagging doubts concerning depth have long since gone. It is as expected, sensitive to small silver but still finds plenty of copper coins. have you checked out my other posts on this site, every thing came from pasture that has not been ploughed in living memory, so it was all pretty deep. You mention the report saying it only reaches seven inches deep on a coin, well if that coin is a hammerd penny in hard packed pasture, thats more than acceptible I think.
I also use a Teknetiks t2, which has a reputation for good depth,Ive compared both machines in the field side by side and I dont think theres a great deal of difference, they both found the same targets with the same ease, But the Cscope is my machine of choice at the moment and my confidence in it is very high.

Well there you have it, another on line report by an author you dont know. no hidden agenda, just a satisfied customer who thinks this is the best Cscope ever!!


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Re: Decisions Decisions!!!!!

Post by AddictedToBleeps on Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:41 am

I think some of the depth reports are related to that faulty batch that first went out. Cscope quickly cleaned that wire problem up, but by then people had made videos, and done reviews etc.

As you've probably guessed I love mine. It definitely keeps up with the 'bigger' models my friends have.

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Re: Decisions Decisions!!!!!

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