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Auto Ground Balance V Manual Cscope 6mxi

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Auto Ground Balance V Manual Cscope 6mxi

Post by andypandy1962 on Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:46 pm

I have a test target I always use, a 2P buried at 12".

I can just pick this up with my 3MX 8" Polo, so I just got this 6MXI (8"x11" coil) and had the ground balance on Auto, and I could not pick up the 2P :-) Ok I thought it would have picked it up no probs :-(

Anyway, I set the ground balance to manual at around 5 and it picks it up, ok not a ping but def a fair signal.

Question is my machine calibration right for auto, or maybe ground conditions, or maybe I worry too much, just think if I run in auto I might miss stuff, what's your experience guys, cheers!

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